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Family Support



1 -Enforce maintenance orders that have been ordered by the Syariah Court ;
2 - Ensure no wives or children faced alimony problem ;
3 - Ensuring Syariah Court orders are respected and implemented ;
4 - To provide support services to families in all matters involving Syariah Court ;



1 -To provide legal advice to Muslims about their rights and claims in Sharia courts , particularly on the issue of alimony ;
2 - Enforcement of a judgment or a judgment or order of maintenance issued by the Syariah Court ;
3 - Channelling temporary living assistance to his wife or wives and children who are having trouble getting support from the party required to pay maintenance ;
4 - Be an agent to collect from the parties ordered to pay alimony ;
5 -Distributed maintenance to the party entitled to maintenance ;
6 - Finding and collecting funds for the payment of maintenance is not enough.

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